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Handspring Visor

Handspring Visor In honor of starting this site back up again, I will be reviewing a PDA I actually used back when it was released.  This is not the exact same unit, but I did have a black Handspring Visor … Continue reading

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2 new things coming

I have 2 new handheld devices coming.  The more interesting device is a HP Jornada 690.  It is a cute little color palmtop, to compliment my 360LX.  The 360LX is a fun device, but the keyboard is lacking.  I am … Continue reading

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HP 360LX review and comparison

A comparison of the dana.wireless by Alphasmart and the 360LX by Hewlett Packard.   These two systems came out about 4 years apart, so not a completely fair comparison, but let’s try anyway. So, what is it like to use … Continue reading

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dana.wireless Review

dana.wireless by AlphaSmart My latest Palm the device, the dana.wireless Palm Powered!  This is a total departure from a typical Palm device.  It features a full sized keyboard and a screen almost 11 inches across!  The dana is actually a … Continue reading

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Palm LifeDrive

The Palm LifeDrive was a in interesting concept.  It was a Palm designed to store all of your data.  When plugged into a PC, it could appear as an external drive, to store everything.  The unit shipped with a 4gb … Continue reading

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Useful stuff and possible revival

I recently picked up a dana wireless, Palm based word processor, and I really enjoy using the device.  I am also a Palm junkie, I have 4 (four!) Palm based devices: Palm IIIe, Running Palm OS 3.1, not upgradeable. Palm … Continue reading

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