Useful stuff and possible revival

I recently picked up a dana wireless, Palm based word processor, and I really enjoy using the device.  I am also a Palm junkie, I have 4 (four!) Palm based devices:

  • Palm IIIe, Running Palm OS 3.1, not upgradeable.
  • Palm VII, Running Palm  OS 3.5, fully upgraded.
  • Palm LifeDrive, Running Palm Garnet 5.4.8, replaced MircoDrive with CompactFlash card, upgraded to accept 32G SmartMedia card.  This is a great device, by the way.
  • dana wireless by Alpha Smart, Running Palm OS 4.1, battery hacked to replace original battery pack.

Now, accepting the fact that I am Palm junkie, I went looking for software.  What I found was a mess.  I am having a heck of a time finding sites with links less than 10 years old!  So, now it falls to me.  As I find software, I will post it to this website, to help all the other Palm users out there who still enjoy this platform that started the whole smartphone revolution, not Apple.  Even on the iPhone X, you can see the DNA of the original Palm Pilot, and that should not be forgotten.

In other news, in case anyone needs the iso of the cd that came with the Sharp Zaurus SL-6000, you can can download it here.

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